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Founder of the organization Mr.Amitkumar Banerjee and Mrs.Lata Pande had only dream to work for orphan children, underprivileged children, children of socially victim women and children of convicts. Mr.Banerjee undertook a study of various orphanages and being ex-director of SOS children villages he was always trying to create a model approach to make a suitable condition for growth and development of the destitute children.It was not that easy. Emotion and reality always keep a big gap as a result always through challenges initial 5 years were the real struggling life of Mr. Banerjee and Mrs. Lata Pande had. It was everyday frustrating- how to collect food grains and basic support. But every day at the end of the day someone came and supported and relieved both of them from worries for next few days. Continuous travel to Bombay and Pune early morning and return at late night to identify donors and get support was really strong work carried by both of them. Mrs. Banerjee and then President Mr.K.K.Singhvi who took the big responsibility along with them. Identity of Mr.K.K. Singhvi, Senior Council, Supreme Court who held the post of President of SAMPARC and Dr.Lalit Chokhani who was the Vice President of SAMPARC started to fill the financial gap of the organization.

While starting a home with 7 children in a mud house Mr.Banerjee started Village development program. Preschool education program for 25 villages along with smokeless oven, low-cost toilet and balbhavan program and vocational training program for rural school dropout was the initial activities of SAMPARC organization for poor and underprivileged children and youth.

Training program for village women in the field of sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, safe drinking water and mother and child care. Also, the women were empowered against alcohol, domestic violence and were empowered for leadership growth.By 1996, SAMPARC in a big way developed women Self Help Group (SHG). Today 180 Self Help Groups is functioning with a credit co-operative society.

At this point, a strong Governing Council of SAMPARC was developed. Shri.K.K. Singhvi, Dr.Lalit Chokhani, Shr. Ajay Argade, Dr.Mukund Bhole and all Trustees agreed with the Founder Shri.Amit Banerjee to spread the work of SMAPARC for more children. Mr.Banerjee felt that children need more personal attention. Therefore, he felt to make a sizeable structure for children development centre with a strength to serve 50-60 children. As a result in 1998, a second centre was started in Poynad near Alibag. Thereafter in 1999, Shel-Pimpalgaon children’s home near Chakan was started. During the same time, Bhambarde School for poor rural and tribal children was started with the aim to give education to children of 44 villages upto 10th std. Now, this school is providing education upto 12th std. 350 students attend school from 5th to 12th std. Mostly children of tribals who had no food, no shelter, no land or proper clothes to wear were admitted in the school and with proper care, nutrition & education in the hostel & school 100% pass result is secured and higher education is followed. Tribal Katkari children who had no opportunity of schooling, are now are good in sports, computers and regular to education. The school is known as SAMPARC Grameen Vidya Vikas Kendra, Bhambarde.

In January 2001, SAMPARC intervened after a devastated earthquake and started Children’s Home in Anjar, Kutch, Gujarat with 56 children. Gradually SAMPARC reached more needy children. The next children’s home for children of commercial sex workers was taken up at village Nandgaon named Bal Asha Ghar 20 km from Lonavla on the way to SAHARA Ambey Valley for the care and education of orphan and children of commercial sex workers. In the same period, Mr.Banerjee converted his paternal 3500 sq.ft. house in Haridevpur, Kolkata near Tallygunj (South Kolkata) as a children’s home for orphan children. Children of commercial sex workers and orphan children received shelter and education Kolkata city. It developed another good activity for education support for slums and rural area of South 24 Pargana to keep underprivileged children to get the proper education. About 400 children through Education Support Program are getting support through SAMPARC Kolkata centre.

The Education support program which was started 15 years back with the help of Nanhi Kali program in Maval and Mulshi Taluka, district Pune, Maharashtra. In the same manner, Education Support project was started in Navanagar and Nagarpalika slum area in Anjar, Gujarat and in Gangani village in Jodhpur.

In Jodhpur, Rajasthan at village Gangani SAMPARC started another one children’s home for education support for children of quarry workers and orphans in Gangani village.

Working with small children SAMPARC realized the need for grown up children who passed 10th and 12thstd and for them 2 homes were developed one near Lonavla at Malvali centre for senior college going girls and one in district Ratnagiri, in Ganapatipule for senior college going boys.

The good progress was identified that Bhaje children’s home became totally for the girl children and separate girls vocational training centre at Malavli Centre. SAMPARC become affiliated with Women’s Commission and Women and Child Development Department for developing Counseling to families against domestic violence and SAMPARC took a big effort in sports development through coaching and competition of netball and athletics.

One of the impacts is that more than 100 girls and boys who grew in SAMPARC children’s Home are now employed, married and leading a decent family life.

And at present more than 100 senior children of SAMPARC are pursuing higher education.

On 6th June 2015, SAMPARC Celebrated 25 years Silver Jubilee of the organization . If we count properly, more than 12000 children about 10000 women 6000 youth were brought under the program of SAMPARC activities to change their life and to become a useful citizen of Country.