Become friends of SAMPARC

Even if you are away from SAMPARC existing project areas from your own home/place you can do social work with the objective of SAMPARC to help and serve needy and under privileged.

Be A Friend of SAMPARC by registering yourself with SAMPARC FOS registration. Pay Rs.250 per year fees for your registration and obtain identity card as Friends of SAMPARC.

You can start a small activity under Friends of SAMPARC like special coaching to the needy children, educational sponsorship, helping needy patient in your area as a Friends of SAMPARC.

If you raise donation for work it is strictly advised to send the collected donation to SAMPARC Head Office and based on your collected donation and budget of your work the money will be reimbursed to you by following statutory norms.

Each amount of collection is answerable to Income Tax department therefore it is very important to deal the issue very carefully, honestly and in an integrated legal manner. Before starting any work you have to obtain a written consent letter from SAMPARC Head Office about your work and involvement.

You also can work support existing activities of SAMPARC by way of developing communication support, resource mobilization and by presenting news bulletin of SAMPARC to various important people from your house. Please register for newsletter in our website.

You will be eligible to visit any of center run by SAMPARC and can volunteer to work for the cause of the children in various projects of SAMPARC.

Register now to become a Friend of SAMPARC