SAMPARC Higher Education Project

SAMPARC Centre, Near Malavli Railway Station,
Village- Bhaje, Post-Malavli, Tal. Maval, Dist. Pune.
Project Incharge: Paresh Khadilkar Mob: +91 9766343463

Mr. Amitkumar Banerjee and Mrs. Lata Pande started SAMPARC in the year 1990, in these last 27 years many orphan, poor, needy and children of socially victim women were under care, protection, education and rehabilitation of SAMPARC. Since the year 1990, 2000 children of the SAMPARC were under Primary and secondary education. After 2001 the process of higher education started and till today, i.e. in 16 years almost 500 children benefited through the Higher Education.

Every year 40-50 children pass SSC Exam from SAMPARC Children’s Home (orphanage) and added in the process of Higher education. Meanwhile senior children continue their education under SAMPARC support for another 5 to 6 years. About 20-30 senior students complete higher education every year and get employment in different sectors and rehabilitated.

SAMPARC Child Counselling Centre provides career guidance to all these children as per their requirement and proper Aptitude and IQ test provide to support them for proper rehabilitation and development.

The academic year 2015-16: where 93 senior children of SAMPARC enrolled for higher education and in same year 9 children completed higher education and took up employment.


STORY OF CHANGE: Raj (name changed)

Raj lost his father at very early childhood. By the time he had two very small sisters. His mother was forced to works as a helper in a construction site. Her earning was very meager, not enough to maintain family properly and to meet basic needs. So, Raj was admitted along with his two small sisters in SAMPARC Balgram, Poynad for care, education and development for bright future.

Raj was under the care and upbringing of SAMPARC Balgram, Poynad since the age of 10. He attended school and with proper guidance and tutoring in balgram he scored 91.9% in SSC Board exam and scored 78% in HSC Board exam. He took admission in B.E. (Mechanical) and completed the same and scored 72% in final year. At present he is working in Endurance Technologies Ltd. Pune.

Both his sisters Purva (name changed) completed Graduation in BA with 82% in Final exam and who is now happily married and is preparing for competitive exams and his younger sister Sakshi (name changed) completed her Medical Lab Technician Diploma course with 84.6% and both the sisters bagged First Ranks in their Final exams and are looking forward towards a bright future.


SAMPARC Children are pursuing Higher Education in various fields. Some of them opted admission in Arts, Commerce, and Science. Some of them have opted Diploma in Technical courses, ITI, Nursing, Polytechnic Engineering, Hotel Management, Drawing and Painting, Agriculture, Pharmacy etc.


Due to proper care, guidance, educational support for these SAMPARC orphan, needy, children, mostly the children of those mother are socially victim who have no future, now availing proper opportunity for rehabilitation and finally become independent and see a vision in their life.


Overall as per our record there are 117 boys 68 girls who are now employed and Financial Independent after completing their higher education with the support of SAMPARC. Additionally 115 girls are now married and are leading a happy married life. 11 Boys also got married.


The academic year 2016-17: 105 children of SAMPARC enrolled in higher education. 22 children completed higher education and took up employment. In the academic year 2016-2017 Ujwala Bhojane bagged First Class in Yogshastra Degree with 78.4%; Basavraj Ingale scored 72% in the Final year Mechanical Engineering; Sachin Gundetti bagged First Class in S.Y.B.Com with 82%; Ganesh Koli bagged First Class with 75.5%and Somnath Galande bagged First Class with 75% in final year B.A; Laxmi Ingale bagged First Class with 82% in final year B.A; Mahadevi Ingale bagged First Class with 84.6% in Medical Lab Technician Diploma course; Vikas Pande completed BSW degree with distinction; Also Babita Gangadhar successfully completed Police Training Course and is selected for Mumbai Police.

In 2017-18 academic years: 117 children are enrolled in higher education.