SAMPARC Medical Centre

Sr. Girls Hostel/ Secretarial Office

Near Malavli Railway Station, Tal. Maval, Dist. Pune – 410405.
Project Incharge: Mr. Krishna Satardekar
Tel: +91 2114 282055 Mob: +91 9766343459

Since 1995 SAMPARC came in close surrounding village women and community. SAMPARC first started a training program on sanitation and hygiene, cleanliness, safe drinking water, and nutrition. In the beginning, SAMPARC worked with dozens of traditional herbal medicinal practitioner of surrounding villages to identify existing herbs and medicinal plants. For few years the attempt was to use the herbal plants to treat various diseases.

While working closely at the community level it was felt that the community needs preventive medical support. The things become very worse when it was found due to small illness, snake bites, accidents made people to die.

In the first phase, Mr. Banerjee took help of Dr. Lalit Chokhani, present President of SAMPARC and Mrs. Lucilla Monti to start medical van project with the doctor. The Van started to visit nearby 25 villages. Gradually it was realized a centre to develop for coordination of basic medical requirement of local people. Thus a medical centre was constructed at SAMPARC Maalvli centre with 14 beds so that patient can be given treatment during the day time and other specialized doctors to attend various needs of the patient. Dr. Satish Patil, MD who took the responsibility as Director of Medical Centre now the centre is working for SAMPARC Bhaje Balgram, Bal Asha Ghar, Bhambarde School and other 25 villages of Maval Taluka. Now along with INSIEME, Ruchika Women’s Club Volkart Foundation are supporting Medical Centre.



40000 people of 40 villages in Maval taluka are extended health support and basic medical facilities.


Improved health condition in the region.


Poor & tribal people are under our Health Support Programme.


SAMPARC Medical Centre is providing its health services to poor and needy people of villages of Maval Taluka, District Pune. SAMPARC medical Centre provides services in OPD, IPD, Dental, Pediatric, Medical Mobile Clinic, Dermatology, Pathology Lab and X-Ray services to cater to the needs of the patients.

OPD AND IPD DEPARTMENT-The department provide Medical support in general health through Dr. Suhas Singhan, BMS, and one Nurse to treat rural poor villagers of Maval Taluka.

DENTAL DEPARTMENT– The department provides dental treatment by Dr. Rajesh Gawali, BDS.

PEDIATRIC DEPARTMENT– The department provides Pediatric support through Pediatrician Dr.Kanjalkar, MBBS, MD. The Pediatric department which attends to patients once in a week and the doctor also conducts regular health awareness camps in the rural villages of Maval Taluka.

MOBILE MEDICAL UNIT – The Mobile Medical Unit with all up to date features and facilities is being utilized in rural interior villages like- Patan, Bhaje, Takwe, Fangane, Devale, Lohagad, Gherewadi, Boraj, Taje, Pimploli and surrounding villages of Maval Taluka, District Pune to attend the sick and ailing patients who are unable to visit the hospital for treatment.

HEALTH AWARENESS CAMPS– The medical centre also conducts regular Health Awareness Camps and Training programs for the rural people.