Tal. Mulshi, Dist. Pune, Maharashtra
Project Incharge: Mr. Anuj Singh Mob: +91 9766343456

The project initiated with main objective to enroll Katkari community children in nearby schools by introducing informal education through music, dance and other cultural activities and to improve the standard of living of 182 Katkari families in 25 villages of Mulshi Taluka by involving them in small livelihood activities.

SAMPARC awareness on educational aspect has helped to enroll 224 Katkari children in school under Education support program by providing them all necessary education material, Among these 224 children – 53 students are enrolled in SAMPARC School, Ambavane Area-89 students, Bhambarde Area-21 students and Nive area 61 students – all students are directly under the Project. Continuous support and follow up of SAMPARC Social Workers made Katkari children develop interest in regularly attending their school as a unique change to their life.Tribal Parents have understood the importance of education and want their Children to come out of their traditions and become responsible citizen having dignity and status. Home visit & community meetings change the entire prospective of community lives of tribal. Follow-up with parents to keep their children in education, special coaching & counseling provide for their academic progress to overcome their weakness in understanding difficult subjects. Also Food, accommodation & health care along with personal care is provided at SAMPARC hostel for tribal students to maintain their proper growth and development. Followed with special coaching on education and sports, students explored their hidden talents in cultural activities like drama, dance, singing and computer literacy.


It was the first year of the project intervention, when SAMAPRC social worker met with Mr. BabanBaluPawar at Kumbheri village of Mulshi Taluka, Pune District. During the interaction with him, our social workers tried to know about the level of poverty, needs and other issues to improve the present situation. They also discussed about the type of livelihood support he required for the survival of his family. They were working as daily waged labor and used to migrate to find job. As this family did not have any land & any other means of livelihood, he requested us for the support of fishing net so that he can catch fish from Mulshi Dam and can sell it in the village & nearby Markets in Maale & Lonavala.

As per his requirement, SAMPARC supported him to procure the fishing net. After receiving the net, he started to catch the fish from the dam and started to earn at least Rs.240-300 per day as an additional income to his family. During the last three years, he is in the same business and earning good amount for survival of his family. Because of this additional income, he could return his debts to the Sahukaar, and rest of the money he invested in buying a pair of Goat, which will create additional income without additional investment. Now, his family is very much happy and appreciating efforts of eClerx- SAMPARC for the support extended through livelihood support.



All the 224 tribal children are continuing education without any dropout situation in the project area.

Livelihood support has helped overall development of Katakri families and the economic and living condition has improved tremendously. Financial income generated through livelihood support is being utilized for domestic purpose.


Katakari children who never attended school are now regularly attending school. Parents are now happy to see their children attending school and having a vision.

Livelihood support to Katkari families has reduced migration to different places in search of job, alcohol consumption has reduced, and documentation has helped them to have their own identity and to take benefit of Government schemes. Because of livelihood support the families have regular income and they are leading a decent life.


Deprived tribal families now have their own certification from Tribal Department and Tahasil Office. Also 52 new Caste certificates for individuals, 48 Jan – Dhan bank A/C, Aadhar Card for 403 individuals, Ration Card for 132 Katkari families have been issued.


SAMPARC Team is working with 182 Katkari families in 25 villages of Mulshi Taluka for their empowerment through livelihood support activities like Goatry, Back yard Poultry, fishing Net, paper bags & file making production unit, banjo group, Music & sound system along with Pendal, Puncture Kit, Mini Shop, Mansion Kit.

Under the livelihood support 182 families are under the livelihood activities as follows:- 49 families under Banjo Group provided Instruments, 78 families under Goat rearing project, 5 families under fishery, 10 families under wedding decoration work provided material & sound system, 15 families under paper file making, 16 families under poultry, 6 families under kitchen garden, and 3 families – each family under puncture kit, mini shop and mansion kit respectively, were supported and benefited during the last three years.

Families who were supported in the 1st year (2014-15) by various livelihood activities have started receiving additional average income of Rs. 10000 to 15000 per annum to fulfill their domestic needs. The families who are supported under goat rearing and back yard poultry are having their livestock as capital assets, which have multiplied in numbers and will go for a good amount when sold in the local market.

The support, which is extended through all the livelihood activities have built higher confidence among all the beneficiaries to start their own income generation. We found that the migration rates have decreased by 90% and beneficiaries are happy with the additional income generated through livelihood activity supported by SAMPARC. Also training on business and simple mathematics techniques to all beneficiaries was given under livelihood activity. Efforts through street play performed for creating mass awareness have resulted in minimizing alcohol addiction among the beneficiaries. Also sincere effort to keep the young generation of tribal away from alcoholism is being taken. Regular visits of SAMPARC medical team is creating sensitization on health, hygiene & sanitation aspects in the tribal hamlets, now we can see tribal families keeping their environment clean and taking proper personal care of their children. During the last three years we found that the tribal community are now making use of toilets and maintaining cleanliness in their homes and around their hamlets.

Also SAMPARC is linking the Katkari families with Government department by helping them to receive their caste certificates, open their bank accounts under Jan Dhan, enrolling their names for voter ids, Aadhar card, Ration Card.

The project is supported by eClerx Services Limited.