The project initiated with main objective to enroll Katkari community children in nearby schools by introducing informal education through music, dance and other cultural activities to improve the standard of living of 182 Katkari families in 28 villages of Mulshi Taluka by involving them in small livelihood activities. SAMPARC awareness on educational aspect has enrolled 211 Katkari children in school under Education support program by providing them all necessary education material, SAMPARC is providing schooling & hostel facility for these children.

SAMPARC Team is working with 182 Katkari families in 28 villages of Mulshi Taluka for their empowerment through livelihood support activities like Goatry, Back yard Poultry, fishing Net, paper bags & file making production unit, banjo group, Music & sound system along with Pendal, Puncture Kit, Mini Shop, Mansion Kit. Also SAMPARC is linking these Katkari families with Government department by helping them to receive their caste certificates, open their bank accounts under Jan Dhan, enrolling their names for voter ids, Adhar card, Ration Card. The project is supported by eClerx Services Limited.